Richmond Area Food Pantry

Richmond Area Food Pantry Schedule 2016

Wednesday January 6

Saturday January 16

Wednesday February 3

Saturday February 20

Wednesday March 2

Saturday March 19

Wednesday April 6

Saturday April 16

Wednesday May 4

Saturday May 21

Wednesday June 1

Saturday June 18

Wednesday July 6

Saturday July 16

Wednesday August 3

Saturday August 20

Wednesday September 7

Saturday September 17

Wednesday October 5

Saturday October 15

Wednesday November 2

Saturday November 19

Wednesday December 7

Saturday December 17

What It's All About.

The Richmond Area Food Pantry is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. The mission statement is to provide a local pantry in the town of Richmond in order to provide free food to the needy and hungry residents in the town of Richmond and surrounding communities.

The pantry is open twice a month (the first Wednesday from 4-6pm and the third Saturday from 2-4pm) and on an emergency basis.  




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